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Spouse's name: Brigette Vanpelt. Associated persons: Kimberly Jean Vanpelt. Spouse's name: Kathleen Vanpelt. Associated persons: Deirdre E Henriquez.

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Richard Blaine Vanpelt , age Janet Wake Larison, Grant City, for respondent-appellant. Respondent Melvin Van Pelt filed a dissolution action in which his wife Regina Van Pelt was denied custody and visitation of the three minor children. All references to the child custody provisions are made to RSMo Cum.

The parties were married in , and in May of , Melvin left the marital home with the children, filed for divorce, and sought sole custody of the minor children. A month later, Melvin and the children returned to the marital home and the couple resumed their marital relationship until August of , when Regina left the home without the children.

The majority of the testimony at trial relates to outside observation of the children and their relationship with and treatment by their mother and father, from the early 's until trial. Although the standard of review is that of a court tried case under Murphy v.

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Carron, S. Regina argues that the trial court's denial of visitation was an abuse of discretion in that the ruling is against the public policy of Missouri; that the court made no finding of endangerment of physical health or impairment of emotional development as required by It is the policy of the state that there be frequent and meaningful contact between parents and children following a dissolution:. However, another provision sets forth an exception to that policy:.

A parent not granted custody of the child is entitled to reasonable visitation rights unless the court finds, after a hearing, that visitation would endanger the child's physical health or impair his emotional development. The present case deals with the statutory exception, which is an expression of the state's policy, and so Regina's point is denied.

As quoted above, this section also requires a hearing, and it is uncontested that such a hearing, for the express purpose of determining custody and visitation, did take place in this case, and that a great deal of testimony came out as to the relationship between the children and Regina.

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As to "findings," the court in Fetters v. Highley, S. On the other hand, the court in Flaton v. Flaton, S. The Flaton court granted the mother permission to move out of the state with the children, and the evidence of emotional impairment was that the previous amount of visitation would unduly disrupt the children's normal living routine, id.

The case of Jensen v. Borton, S. In the case at bar, the trial court's order reads "[t]he court finds it is in the best interests of the minor children On review, an appellate court may render the judgment that should have been rendered by the trial court, Pemberton v. Pemberton, S. This power is particularly appropriate here, where the trial court made a correct ruling which lacked the formal statutory requirements, and a remand to re-write the order would be an empty act.

The point on appeal is denied. This ruling should not be taken as a sign of overlooking a remand in future cases for noncompliance with the statute. Further, this ruling is explicitly based on Flaton, Jensen, and Pemberton, as well as on the overwhelming evidence of impairment of emotional development in the record. As to Regina's final point concerning visitation, this court finds sufficient evidence under the standard of Murphy v.

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The entire record shows the relationship between the children and Regina as strained at best, and that her interest in visiting her children is outweighed by their interest in a normal, happy childhood. The evidence at trial is arranged below in two parts, that pertaining to the difference in the children's homelife since their mother, Regina, left, and that pertaining to the children's reactions to the scheduled visits that occurred before trial.


Current homelife. The son, Jerry, had been exhibiting violent behavior in school and at home, and Melvin had felt the need of assistance in dealing effectively with Jerry and with the children's reactions to Regina's absence.

Melvin had also felt some insecurity in his own ability as a single parent.