Should teachers be able to search lockers

Maybe that one quiet boy down the hall has a grudge against you for knocking him down in the hallway and not helping him up or apologizing and is going to do something about it. Just by giving a little bit of privacy away many incidents like that could be prevented before they get out of hand. Someone selling drugs could be stopped before they can even get them inside the school, and a student trying to bring in alchohol could be caught. Anybody trying to bring in a dangerous weapon, knowing of the security and policies that could already be set up, might be detered before even thinking of something like that.

So now a question for you: would you rather have a better chance to be safe from all of that just by giving up a tiny bit of privacy, or would you rather keep your privacy and turn your back on the many threats that are possible? Secondary School. Related Posts. Now we go because we have to — family rushes from all directions to meet at the school, drop off the massive bags of school supplies we were required to buy for the classroom, meet the teachers we live in a small town and the school is k-8 — we already know them!

Last year I never met his math teacher at all. They tend to just accept it all. On the other hand, my seventh grader has recently brought home two assignments that we were expected to help him with—one from school, another an activity from Scouts. For both I said, What do they want ME to do? You can do those things perfectly fine on your own. There has to be a balance between me knowing the big picture and using that knowledge to help the kid make decent choices, and letting him handle a lot of the decisions and details of his own life. Parent-teacher conferences were formally scheduled during my elementary school years.

After I entered junior high, and continuing until I graduated high school, my mother made a point of scheduling time with each of my teachers sometime in the fall to meet each of them. I suppose it could be a slippery slope. I live in a mostly white, affluent area with school age kids of my own and I can tell you that the parents over-involve themselves without the school inviting it. The parents are tracking every grade through online record keeping too. It is insane!

Pros and Cons of School Locker Searches

Ask questions, dig a bit. If there is an issue, help him see through it and guide him to push back on his own. Kids need to learn to be critical thinkers and ask questions and push back on their own if they need to. We should stay behind the scenes like a good coach. Parents are not teachers. Let teachers to their job and coach kids to be critical thinkers. I think it is appropriate to meet the teachers for pre-school and kindergten, and elmentary school is kind of a grey area for me.

But once the kids are into Junior High and High School there is no need for the parents to know the teachers.

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Parents need strong healthy relationships with their children and they need to foster relationships where they and their children can talk and counsel together. If the kid is having a hard time with a teacher then you need to help you child figure out how to react and handle the teacher and situation accept in the case of abuse.

I myself had to talk to my teachers about my grades and figure out ways of doing extra work to make them better if it was important to me, my parents never talked to my teachers about my grades, it was my responsibility. This is exactly the tactic we have taken in high school. I now have some misgivings in my choice, because in a few cases I only learned upon receiving quarterly grades that he had not been turning in homework, and some of his grades were quite poor because of it. This will harm him as he applies for college and unfortunately, it will harm me, to a point, because he has knocked himself out of eligibility for merit scholarships.

A lot of colleges actually appreciate seeing a student struggle early on, then becoming successful by learning how to study, what works for them, etc.

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Some recalculate GPAs to give heavier weight to later classes. Others will allow students to explain their grades. I am thinking of bigger issues that we have dealt with, rather than just individual issues. The schools in my state are under lots of pressure from our state ed dept and in elementary school, that pressure was applied directly to students. Then it was up to me to push back against the school, the district, and the state. My kids have watched me do this, and one even wrote a letter himself recently.

And I do believe that their education is my and their responsibility, which we share with their schools and teachers. Now, was my eleven year old capable of going to school and finding his own locker last year? Can he keep up with his own schoolwork? Do I still have a responsibility for his education? You bet. As a parent and taxpayer, should I have an idea of what goes on during those long hours at school? I completely agree!

There is is no way to be involved with your childs education when the parents are left in the dark. So deeply lame. Also, whatever happened to papers being marked up and physically being written on by the teacher for the kids to see so they can improve? And for the kids to be proud or get parents to help explain if needed? It almost feels like the child is at a secret society all day. Anyway, too much control and not enough effiecient communication is the problem with the schooling these days.

I homeschool one of my children as well. So I know both sides of the coin. Its just crazy weather they go to public school or are a community learner homeschooled. What kind of school does your child go to? I am sad for you and your child. Find teachers who are passionate and love their jobs…. AND teach your child to listen when directions and instruction are given! Am I right, teachers?! I walked to school in second grade with a couple fifth graders.

Should students be allowed to evaluate their teachers?

To sign up to try out for sports, all i needed to do in middle school and high school was sign the paper, remember which day i signed up for, and remind my parents. If i forgot, it was on me. Wtf is up with the modern parenting these days? This is ridiculous. My goodness, what a pair of glasses on that kid!!!! Are those actually a real pair of glasses? During my era, that kid would be laughed out of the classroom with those.

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BUT styles change and what was nerdy in my day, is stylish 50 years later and I guess what is considered nerdy today speedos and high cutoff shorts on boys was quite stylish 50 years ago. My son wore a pair of glasses like those they were 3D movie glasses with the lenses punched out for the better part of a year, often over his real glasses. Styles have certainly changed! It is not but I think both he and unknown boy in the picture look good in those glasses. What is odd is this behavior started, and then increased, during a period when more and more women work.

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  4. How can you be at every practice and event if you have a full time job? And the very people pulling the guilt trip is other working women! First, people who want women to stay at home because it kind of feels right to them needs some kind of rationalization. Second, women who are at home need something to occupy their time and to make themselves feel useful.

    But a child who is old enough to be in soccer practice is probably old enough to manage without a parent present; what on earth are parents supposed to be doing that their presence is so necessary? A developmentally normal year-old is plenty old enough to fend for themselves for a couple of hours. Automobiles and car-centric planning are fundamentally anti-social and are a major factor in the destruction of our healthy communities.

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    Imagine how completely different it would feel if all the parents were walking their kids to school!! Besides being basically no line, everyone would be outside together, interacting as human beings. Consider that in most contexts around the globe for centuries and longer, parents could expect to already run into teachers merely by walking around the neighborhood or walking to the market etc.

    Now, we have to formalize all our social interactions because we otherwise live mainly in our own bubbles on devices, in private single-family homes, and in private vehicles. What an interesting idea! And a good number of kids ride or walk to school- though not nearly as many as should be. I have to tell you- that damn pick-up line is our worst nightmare. Imagine teaching kids all day. When did kids that young start needing lockers?

    All the way up until junior high school which where I went to school started in 7th grade we put our coats and lunches if we brought one in something called a cloak room?